Isla Holbox Hotel

Tucked away on the northwest of Cancun, Mexico is a lovely secret known as Holbox Island. Those who have discovered this 26 mile long gem of an island have become frequent visitors. Isla Holbox island is separated from Mexico's mainland coast only by a shallow lagoon that is home to thousands of exotic birds and wildlife.

You will also need a place to call home when you visit Isla Holbox. Whether you are seeking a budget Isla Holbox hotel, an outstanding boutique hotel, a villa or holiday apartment, you will have quite a few to choose from.

There is also the option of green or environmental friendly accommodation on Isla Holbox island. The administration is quite keen on preserving the environment, wildlife and birds of Isla Holbox that are one of the big attractions. Such hotels are part of their environment conservation effort.

Some of the amenities that make a green Isla Holbox hotel stand out from the rest are spas where treatments are done with all-natural ingredients including traditional Mayan herbs, massages and other treatments that are done on the beach or other outdoor spots, bike and scooters for hire that you can use instead of cars to tour the island, cuisine options that include all-vegan food and drink options and rooms that are decorated with natural materials like woven mats like the Mayans did in their homes.

Once you settle into your Isla Holbox hotel, a lot awaits you on the island. The island is also sometimes known as the whale shark island. This is because this is one of the very spots all over the world where you can swim with the whales. Other activities that water sport lovers can enjoy are snorkeling, deep sea diving and of course the villages and Mayan cuisine and crafts.

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