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Holbox Vacations in Mexico

Holbox Mexico is really the archetype of an Island paradise and for those lucky enough to visit it will remember it for the rest of their lives. Holbox Island is a small place, just 42kms long and can be found just northwest of Cancun. It is separated by a lagoon of clear shallow water, and this is home to countless numbers of flamingos, pelicans and many other exotic birds. Holbox Mexico is a place of beauty, a place of peace and a place of nature.

Holbox vacations offer those rare commodities, peace and relaxation; and in doing so it is possible to experience the real Mexico and understand this beautiful place. The Casa Las Tortugas is perfect for those Holbox vacations especially as the hotel is designed to service every need of the visitor but does that in an environmentally sensitive way. That means that relaxation doesn't come at the expense of a guilty conscience.

The hotel understands the delicate balance that has to be made between tourism and the environment, and by being an environmentally conscious establishment it upholds its commitment to the future. Holbox vacations can be full of action and adventure and the hotel has access to a range of opportunities to indulge the passions of all. There is fishing, horse-riding,kayaking and kite-boarding and they also offer a whale shark tour.

They offer a spa that reaches into the Mayan past to infuse the treatments with an organic and sensitive ethos. Holbox Mexico is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature, and the Casa Las Tortugas is an environmentally sensitive place explore all of this and more.

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